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依據相關法令規定,本網站僅提供商品資訊,恕不提供線上交易服務、亦無法於網站上接受訂單或完成訂單確認。如欲購買本網站所陳列或本公司所銷售之相關商品, 敬請來電或以傳真、電子郵件等方式洽詢;本網站亦提供「詢問清單」的功能,供您更方便地告訴我們您有興趣的商品項目及連絡資訊,本公司收到您的訊息後將有 專人與您聯繫並提供服務。

依據法令規定,本公司酒類商品不得售予年齡未滿十八歲之青少年,故於訂購相關商品時,請務必確認訂購人及收貨人均為年滿十八歲以上之成年人。如本公司服務人 員難以判別訂購人或收貨人之年齡時,將會請其提供相關證明文件,敬請配合;且在任何不符合相關法令規定之情況下,本公司有權隨時取消或拒絕交易,並不負任 何賠償責任,若造成不便,敬請見諒。

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, this site is only available for product information queries, cannot provide online trading services or accepting orders or complete online order confirmation. If you would like to purchase products from this site or other related merchandise, please call, fax, or email for more information. This site also provides an “Inquiry List” function to make it more convenient for you to tell us the items that you are interested in and your contact information; once we receive your message, the staff will contact you and provide further services.

It is required by law the Company shall not sell alcoholic products to teenagers that are under the age of 18; therefore, when ordering related products, please be sure the purchaser and the receiver are 18 years old or older. If the staff cannot determine the age of the purchaser or receiver, he/she will be asked to provide relevant documents to confirm, please coordinate; and in any non-compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of the case, the Company reserves the right to cancel or refuse business and has no obligation for the loss. Please accept our very sincerest apologies for any inconvenience that may have caused.

< Deliver Overseas : The process of shipping and handling is rather complicated due to the import and export regulations on wine and spirits that are applied differently in every country; therefore, we do not offer overseas orders for the time being. >