[2012MMA銀牌] North British 1962 50年 44.2% Cask#39 ,Adelphi

商品目錄珍藏威士忌推薦 Luxury Collection
國 別:United Kingdom
產 地:蘇格蘭低地區
年 份:1962
酒 齡:50 years old
酒 精 度:44.2%
容 量:70 cl
桶 別:Cask No.: # 39
裝 瓶 數:172瓶, 全台僅24瓶
WHISKYFUN:88 points
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North British 1962 50年 44.2% Cask#39 ,Adelphi  
單一穀類威士忌  Single Grain Whisky

Cask Strength - Unchillfiltered



~ The Famous Grouse、J&B Rare、Johnnie Walker、Cutty Sark

About North Brirish Distillery (Web Link)

The distillery was founded in 1885 by a group of businessmen. One of them was Adrew Usher, who was the first to market a blended whisky (mix of malt whisky and grain whisky) in 1860. This first blend was sold under the name "Old vatted Glenlivet". 

The distillery started operating in 1887. North British uses maize and also green malt for its production and was the first to use a Saladin Box for its malting in 1948.
North British is the last distillery in activity in Edimburgh and also the second largest grain distillery in Scotland, with its production of about 64 millions liters a year.
Besides the grain whisky production for the blended whisky market (J&B, Famous Grouse, Chivas Regal, Lang's, Isle of Skye et Cutty Sark and others) , North British also makes other grain spirits: gin and vodka.
In 1916, the distillery was converted in order to produce acetone from maize, but production was never reached.
North British also produces carbon dioxide for both food and nuclear industries. 

until 1993, the distillery belonged to "North British Distillery Co Ltd". In 1993, "Lothian Distillers" was created as a joint-venture between IDV and Edrington, each owning 50% of the shares. IDV is now part of Diageo.

Tastingnotes by Whiskyfun:

North British 50 yo 1962/2012 (44.2%, Adelphi, cask #39, 172 bottles) Four stars and a half
Colour: gold. Nose: typically bourbon wood, starting with quite some varnish and toasted bread – a lot of toasted bread – and developing on a blend of custard and fresh garden fruits, strawberries, raspberries, then maybe more bubblegum and marshmallows, maybe also kiwis… After fifteen minutes, more brioche and butterscotch as well as touches of walnut burs and dark chocolate. It’s a very pleasant nose, I’d say it’s rather more complex than other very old grains. Very little coconut this time. Mouth: this is spicier, as almost always, with some cloves and cinnamon right in the arrival, then sultanas and more and more dry toffee as well as some chocolate and coffee (crunching beans). In the background, some oranges kind of lift the whole, together with red apples (Starkrimson apples?) Finish: of medium length, very dry, all on unsweetened coffee. Comments: very fine, I like the way it’s becoming very coffee-ish because I’m a fan of coffee. One of the best espressos out there? SGP:650 - 88 points.

About Adelphi 艾德菲酒業公司:
      Adelphi艾德菲酒業公司成立於1826年,曾經是間知名蒸餾酒廠,生產麥芽威士忌、穀類威士忌及優質調和蘇格蘭威士忌,但幾經經營權移轉終成失落的酒廠;自1993年起重新以發行頂級高品質的獨立裝瓶廠威士忌為事業,「Adelphi 艾德菲」成為頂級威士忌的代名詞,於2012年於蘇格蘭東岸的Ardnamurchan半島正式取得興建蒸餾廠許可,在不久的將來必定成為眾人追逐的頂級蒸餾廠。

Adelphi目前由在2006年榮獲Keeper of the Quaich Alex Bruce 所領導的團隊經營,追求卓越、高水準的威士忌頂級產品,單一麥芽威士忌款款保持原汁原味,既非經冷凝過濾也不添加焦糖,主要商品有單一原桶強度威士忌(原酒)、蘇格蘭產區謎人酒廠精選系列及蘇格蘭調和威士忌,Adelphi選酒是威士忌界最具盛名的威士忌作家名人Charles Maclean擔任首席顧問,每款酒皆在Charles MacleanAlex Bruce 所領導的艾德菲選酒團隊嚴格把關下所出品,每次從合作的蒸餾廠中選酒,其中僅不到10%的機率能被雀屏入選。因此,Adelphi裝瓶廠威士忌在20042011MMA麥芽狂人競賽,獲得9面大獎、5面金牌、25面銀牌及9面銅牌的優異成績。