Laphroaig 拉佛格PX Cask 48% 一公升

商品目錄本月促銷及組合優惠 Specail Offer
國 別:United Kingdom
產 地:蘇格蘭艾雷島
年 份:
酒 齡: years old
酒 精 度:48%
容 量:100 cl
桶 別:
裝 瓶 數:
WHISKYFUN:82 points
特價:NT$1,999/ 瓶
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Laphroaig PX Cask 48%, 1L OB

The Laphroaig PX Cask is the first Laphroaig single malt whisky to be matured in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks.

Laphroaig PX Cask is a new global travel retail exclusive expression and the first to enjoy maturation in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks, widely referred to as "PX" casks. Pedro Ximenez sherry is known to be naturally sweet made from dried Pedro Ximenez grapes.

There are three types of barrels used in the maturation of the Laphroaig PX each impart a subtly different character. Firstly it is was matured in American Bourbon oak sourced from parent company Beam Global’s bourbon brand Maker’s Mark distillery then it spent seven to nine months maturing in 19th century style quarter casks, then it spent its final 12 months maturing in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.

It is the last 12 months maturation in the ex-PX Cask that provides the rich, sweeter and full bodied notes which perfectly complement the peat-smoke tang of Laphroaig, creating an expression which needs to be appreciated over time to fully explore.

The Laphroaig PX Cask replaces the former travel-retail exclusive Laphroaig Triple Wood, which was rolled out to domestic markets worldwide in September 2011.

Tasting Note by Whiskyfun Serge:
Laphroaig ‘Quarter Cask’ (48%, OB, circa 2007)
It doesn't say finished but that it's 'enjoyed a final subtle maturation' in Pedro Ximenez casks. Ha, semantics! Colour: gold. Nose: starts a little rubbery but that goes away and presto. What's sure is that I like this one much better than the QA, despite the finishing. It's certainly more Laphroaiggy, with quite some kelp, beach sand, tarry ropes, seashells, notes of bicycle inner tube (not quite the same thing as plain rubber) and liquorice. What it's lacking a bit is the medicinal side, but I'm happy about the fact that the wine remains kind of unobtrusive. Mouth: the PX's sweetness and the very obvious raisiny side do seem to cope with the distillate, there's almost a feeling of rum finish rather than PX. Nice touches of blood oranges, then liquorice allsorts and a little leather and tobacco, then more cherries and tar. It's also a notch more medicinal than on the nose (drops of cough syrup). Finish: of medium length, a little bittersweet (Chinese sauce, the sweet one for dim-sums, you know). Curious notes of black olives in the aftertaste. Comments: a pretty fine Laphroaig that seems to have survived the odd treatment. SGP:546 - 82 points.



位處蘇格蘭西南的ISLAY艾雷島,其地理特色便是沿岸佈有超高密度之海草,且有終年不斷的冷烈海風。艾雷島便是在此獨特地理條 件下,孕育出全世界最具個性與特色的單一純麥威士忌。就在大部份威士忌愛好者將蘇格蘭高地Spey Side視為是威士忌聖地的同時,另有一群品味不凡的威士忌鑑賞家卻將艾雷島單一純麥威士忌推舉為是威士忌中的非主流極品。


Laphroaig 的正統艾雷風格,體現在嗅覺上是強烈的煙燻味、碘藥水味及海風氣息;在味覺上是飽滿粗獷,厚實不失圓潤,尾韻綿長。這種與蘇格蘭高地主流威士忌截然不同的 產品特色,讓Laphroaig以不屑與世俗同流的孤傲形象,令許多不甘平凡的品味鑑賞家為之深深著迷,就連英國王儲查理斯王子也因之成為 Laphroaig的忠誠擁戴者,並且授封皇室徽章。

如同國際知名的酒評人Jack Mclean給予的評價,「Laphroaig的特色是獨樹一格的、是威士忌中的至尊,我曾經推崇它為為蘇格蘭威士忌中的Rolls-Royce,但 Laphroaig的特色不僅如此,它可以更進一步稱為是威士忌領域裡面的F1 Maserati;因為Laphroaig就如同是量身訂製、強勁的、配備著發出怒吼引擎聲的F1 Maserati。」