[2010MMA銅牌獎]Glendronach 格蘭多納 18 yo Allardice 46%

商品目錄A~Z 蘇格蘭單一麥芽威士忌GGlendronach
國 別:United Kingdom
產 地:蘇格蘭高地
年 份:
酒 齡:18 years old
酒 精 度:46%
容 量:70 cl
桶 別:Oloroso Sherry Cask
裝 瓶 數:
WHISKYBIBLE:83.5 points
WHISKYFUN:87 points
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Glendronach 18 yo Allardice Oloroso Sherry Cask 46%


2010 MMA銅牌獎 & 2009 MMA銅牌獎


Glendronach酒廠位於蘇格蘭高地區,成立於1826年,1996年酒廠歇業,直到2002年重新再出發,他是一間喜愛威士忌人士不喝不可的優質威士忌,Ballantine 及 Teachers重要基酒,煤碳直火加熱、木製發酵槽、平鋪式眝放倉庫、雪莉桶熟陳威士忌、不經冷凝也不添加焦糖,一切回歸傳統!


Glendronach 18 yo Allardice (46%, OB, 2009)
100% oloroso matured. Allardice was the name of the founder of the distillery in 1826 but some other sources claim that the name was rather Allardes. Well, that shouldn’t change anything to this new baby’s aromas and flavours… Colour: amber. Nose: less aromatic and playful than the new 15, with a sherry that’s kind of subdued and straighter malty/nutty notes. It’s also a tad grassier (walnut skins, apple peelings, cut grass). Picks up steam after a few minutes, with beautiful whiffs of wet earth and just hints of old roses (surprise!). Keeps developing for a long time, more and more on roses and Turkish delights, which was unexpected. Orange blossom water. Mouth: curiously younger than the 15, and a tad more on fruit eaux-de-vie (kirsch, raspberry). Maybe the percentage of first fill casks was lower than in the 15 – or maybe not. Very good but less complex. Finish: medium long, on oak-matured raspberry eau-de-vie (or something like that) Comments: once again, a very good whisky but the 15 is in a different league in my view. SGP:651 -
87 points.

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